I chose Transy.

I chose Transy.

I chose Transy.

I chose Transy because I’m used to being in a city and I really love that city environment. My high school was pretty small, so I knew that that was a really big priority for me. Coming to Transy, I have really, really felt that love from the community. I have felt like every single professor that I’ve had really, really cared about my learning, me individually. I wasn’t just another number to them.

I could not ask for a better college and a college experience. I really think the close connections that you can make here at Transy, we re a whole family. Your professors know your name, they know what you’re interested in. Sometimes you’re on a first‑name basis with your professor, but the connections and the relationships you build are very meaningful and will help you throughout life.

Something that I didn’t realize when I was looking at colleges is I thought I had to go out of the state to get the benefits of being in city, but then I realized that Lexington was kind of perfect because you do have all the opportunities with careers and social activities, but then you also get to have that really small school, community‑based education at Transy. So you really do get the best of both communities.

I wanted to make sure that I could get acclimated to the city before moving into somewhere larger. So I’m from a small town in Kentucky. Transy having a small knit community was a great way for me to have that small town, home‑like connection in a bigger city.

Being a Kentucky resident, it’s really unique to be able to come to Transy because I’ve been able to meet a bunch different students from all over Kentucky, and that’s actually expanded my knowledge of the state I’m from, which has been really cool. But also, I just love being in Lexington and having a school of our size in Lexington. It’s just been a really unique experience.

Why Choose Transylvania?

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