Transylvania is a home away from home. You really do form a community when you arrive here on campus, almost from the first day.

Everybody knows everybody here, everybody’s saying “hi” to each other, and it shows you how welcoming we are and how supportive we are of each other with those interactions.

You‘re not a number in a crowd. You really have a personalized experience here.

At Transylvania, you get so many opportunities. You are going to be able to explore your passion in science, you‘re gonna be able to be a part of a play, and you’re gonna do it in a really exciting community.

I found life long friends here and the relationships that I‘ve created with faculty in particular have been incredible.

I quickly realized how much relationships with the professors all the students had. And I could tell that they just go to they could go to the professor for anything they needed, and I really liked that.

A Transylvania University education is special because it‘s broad. It ensures that every student has a lot of tools in their intellectual toolkit. And because of the close relationship that students have with faculty. It‘s a very personalized education.

I found that Lexington has a great mix of small town feel with all the amenities of a very large city.

So being in Lexington specifically is amazing. And having so many opportunities to reach out from Transy’s bubble into the Lexington community is something that I wouldn‘t have gotten at another institution.

I picked Transy because I could not imagine myself anywhere else, honestly.

What Sets Transy Apart

At Transylvania, it’s our community that makes the difference. Our close-knit campus means that you’ll really get to know your fellow students, faculty and staff, forming relationships that extend far beyond the classroom. Find your path to a personalized education in Transy’s supportive community.