So you’ve seen the mascot and heard the curse, but how much do you really know about Rafinesque?
Raf was a renouwned naturalist with a great fondness for botany.
He came to North America in 1815 to study native species.
He taught at transy in 1819 & often missed class to research.
After 7 years, president Horace Holley fired Rafinesque.
In response, Raf claimed to have cursed Transy and Holley.
“I took lodging sin town and carried there all my effects: thus leaving the College with curses on it and Holley;”
Within years, Holley died & the main College Building caught fire.
Raf, then, returned to Philly and researched until he died in 1840.
In 1924, his body was brought to Transy and buried in a tomb.
Since his return, Raf’s presene can still be felt all over campus.
Our new mascot features the Rafinesque big-eared bat.
Each year, the Student Activities Board hosts “Raf Week.”
During this week, Transy puts on Pumpkinmania.
There is also a raffle for students to sleep in the tomb.
Would you be brave enough to spend a night in the tomb?

What is “Raf Week” all about?

Meet Constantine Rafinesque, a botantist, author and Transylvania professor from 1819-1826. He’s the reason we celebrate Raf Week every October.