Lexington feels like a big city in many ways. But it’s really also small enough that you can walk from Transy’s campus to all sorts of businesses and galleries, which is, I think, amazing for a college student.

Tons of restaurants. Tons of experiences. Tons of ways for you and your friends to have fun. But, also, because of its size, you get such a community feel. It doesn’t feel like you’re just a number in a crowd when you’re here. You feel like you’re part of a community.

Lexington offers unique career opportunities because of the location in the city, and so that allows us to basically expand our educational opportunities out into the professional zone.

We have a fantastic career center here. It’s called CAPE. They help you find the right fit for you as far as internships. Because we’re so close to downtown, you can walk to your internship. So even if you don’t have a car, you can find something that you can get work experience at.

Transy students get involved in the community and find ways to give back in a pretty diverse range of ways.

Transy strives to make events for students to get involved. So you can find something you like in Lexington and get to experience that through Transy.


The Perfect College City

Lexington, Kentucky is a thriving city of 300,000 people that sets Transylvania apart from most other liberal arts colleges. In fact, we’re one of only nine colleges in a city of 300,000 people or more.

  • Jobs and internships — You’re within walking distance of hundreds of job, internship and research opportunities in fields like medicine, law, business and more.
  • Natural beauty — Take advantage of the region’s wonders like the Kentucky Horse Park, Red River Gorge and biking, hiking and water trails.
  • Arts and entertainment — Lexington is a cultural hub with an exciting night life, dozens of concerts, festivals, restaurants and art galleries.