A Transylvania education is a lot more affordable and accessible than people might initially think.

There are a number of ways in which we really help students build a solid financial aid package so that their out-of-pocket is something manageable and affordable.

The scholarship opportunities at Transy are plentiful. Most of our students receive some sort of financial aid when they decide to come to Transy, but they’ve got a ton of different, more specific merit-based opportunities for students. So I applied for the vocal music scholarship and the art history scholarship.

I actually like to recommend that families have a game plan when it comes to financing a student’s education. So we try to encourage that early conversation with families so that they know once they see the bottom line numbers that they already have that conversation going.

Another important point about affordability at Transylvania is our strong retention and graduation rate. Your chances of succeeding and graduating at Transy in four years is much higher than a lot of other places. So it might be worth considering, well, what’s it gonna cost me to go Transy for four years compared to five or more years someplace else.

I think it’s very important that they understand what that investment is. This is an investment their future.


A Great Value

Transylvania is consistently ranked among the best liberal arts colleges in the nation for value by publications like the Princeton Review and Washington Monthly. Take a look at some of the ways we make college affordable for your family.

  • Financial Aid— Last year, 100% of students received financial aid to help defray costs.
  • Scholarships — Transy offers competitive scholarships for arts, academics, leadership and more.
  • Pioneer Pledge — We guarantee you’ll graduate in four years if you follow our guidelines. In fact, our average time to graduation is 3.98 years!