So today, we’re here at PumpkinMania. And that’s kind of a big thing for Transy. It’s a big tradition and a lot of the community like to come. We have kids. We have trick-or-treating, and all of our student orgs come and so it’s a big deal.
Everyone can, you know, carve a pumpkin, put it on there, and it will be lit tonight. I think that this event is really important because we may be a small school, but we are in a very, like, residential area. So I think it’s nice that the community feels comfortable to just kind of walk up on this and be like, “Oh, this is a really amazing thing or like I know that it’s gonna be happening this week. I can take my kids. We can walk to it. It’s super accessible.”
And I think it’s really important for students to be able to get involved, to see some of the things like the opportunities they have around them and to feel connected.
I know that’s really important to me is that I feel like I have strong ties here in Lexington now because of Transy. So I think that’s really important, and I think the students love to see kids come and like enjoy it and having like people they don’t necessarily know to talk about and brag about Transy.
My first tour here was right after PumpkinMania, and I got to see a couple of the pumpkins. And I think I just felt love in that moment. It’s actually one of the things that kind of drew me here, and I kept coming back to that. And I remember telling my dad when I was choosing where I should go to school. I was like, “is that stupid that that feels like right for me?” And he was like, “no, I think that’s perfect.” I think that’s a beautiful thing.
And so I actually love everything about it, and it was a beautiful fall day. And just everything about it makes me happy. It’s my favorite time of the year. I love Halloween anyway, so I like a school that can celebrate that.


Thousands of community members join Transylvania’s students, faculty and staff for the university’s annual PumpkinMania celebration.