I’m Arjun.

I think a champion is somebody who always finds a way to pull it out, always fights, always looks for their opportunities.

Instead of asking the question what’s going wrong, they ask the question “What can I do?” I would definitely consider Transy to be a home for me and so being able to meet people on the tennis team and be around that, I kind of grew into them becoming more than just my friends.

I see them now as my family. I see them as people that make it easy to be away from the people I grew up with.

I would say there’s a lot of opportunities to work on time management and I mean — a lot of the coaches and teachers as well, even my boss on campus — she’s very understanding when it comes to my other commitments.

If I ever need help with… maybe I need an extra day on a paper just because I had two matches in a weekend or I had a lot of practice, my teacher will most likely give it to me. They’ll work with me. You know, if you’re showing effort, the teachers will also show the effort.

Well, the first thing was definitely the coach. I had a connection with him before, but he also just struck me as somebody who really cared about the players in this program. I had run-ins with other schools and other coaches who didn’t really give me the same feeling, but here it really felt like I had an impact, that I mattered and that I know pretty much all of my professors pretty well, all of them. I didn’t even tell some of them that i was having surgery and they knew.

Socially, I think that Transy is in a really great spot, because not only do you have a really focused academic environment but you’re in Lexington, where — I mean it’s a really great city to just go out and see things. And you know if you’ve never been to a bigger city, this is probably something that will give you a taste of that well.

Since my freshman year, I mean it’s already gotten so much better. My freshman year was great because we had… that was the first year we had Top Seed and Top Seed’s got its own gym, 12 courts, we can go and whenever we want to have free courts whenever they’re open. We just have to call ahead, like the same day, doesn’t matter. So even during the winter when I know a lot of other programs don’t have access to courts, we do, which is really nice.

The other thing is the new weight room. It’s incredible, I mean you can get…there’s a gym open from any point from 8 a.m to 10 p.m, four or five days a week, you know, so athletes, anybody has the ability to do something.

Meet a Pioneer: Arjun

Learn about Arjun’s experience as a student-athlete at Transy. Deep relationships with his professors, coach and teammates give him a sense of belonging, making Transylvania feel like home. And his access to top-notch training facilities gives him a leg up as a competitor.