I think Transy’s community brings a lot of uniqueness and it has into my life.

Everyone here if you ask them, they’re involved in something.

Transy does a great job of providing an atmosphere where you can be involved in a wide variety of activities.

We have about 60+ student organizations.

It has been really awesome to see how many clubs and how many student organizations we have that are really focused on serving our community and bettering our community.

All sports teams have some sort of community service. It felt really good to give back to the community and being with your team made it that much better, and you were able to just do it together and realize how much of a difference you’re making.

Greek life on campus is much different than you would really expect. Coming to a campus like Transy, it makes it much more personal.

I absolutely think fraternity and sorority life helps people develop as leaders. I think it gets you involved with not only different peers around campus, but also the alumni base.

Students here can take a leadership role in an organization and be involved in two or three other activities at the same time.

It’s really shown me the way I can have different relationships with other people no matter what organization they’re in. I think Transy does a really, really good job of promoting that in every student’s life and just seeing the value in every student here on campus.


Get Involved

Transylvania has an active list of student organizations, and our Office of Campus and Community Engagement gives students the support they need to work and have fun together.

  • Campus Engagement — Join one of more than 50 campus clubs and organizations to meet people who share your interests
  • Community Engagement — Our location gives students the opportunity to be good citizens of Lexington and partner with amazing community organizations.