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What Transylvania Means to Lexington

“We have a gem that is older than Lexington.”

Holly Wiedemann

Holly Wiedemann

That's how Holly Wiedemann, president of AU Associates in Lexington, begins describing Transylvania's place in Lexington's history and Lexington's future. As the owner of a company that focuses on urban infill and adaptive re-use of existing structures, Wiedemann has unique insight into the value of an institution whose history parallels that of the surrounding community.

In part because of its long history in Lexington, but mostly because of the contributions its graduates have made to the cultural, intellectual, and economic vibrancy of the city, Transylvania has a lot of friends in Lexington. And as Transylvania embarks on its ambitious strategic plan, Transylvania 2020, the support of its friends in Lexington and beyond will make it possible for the university to reach its goals. 

In a recently released video produced by the Transylvania Board of Regents, several Lexington businesspeople and community leaders talk about how Transylvania contributes to the success of the city. And as Transylvania extends its campus westward toward the Bluegrass Community and Technical College Newtown Campus—along the revitalized and newly two-way Fourth Street corridor—the university has new opportunities to reach out to its neighbors.

Bill Johnston

Bill Johnston

As local resident Bill Johnston plainly states, "We're codependent." A thriving, robust city attracts the best and brightest minds to the university. And a dynamic university improves the quality of life and the economic vitality of the region.

So let's reach out to each other and look for new ways to ensure the continued success of our city, our university, and the individual members of our common community. After all, as State Farm agent and community activist Debra Hensley explains, "We are all neighbors."

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