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Guiding Objective #4: Hopeful

Enthusiastically engage alumni and friends to invest in Transy’s future through a campaign and other fundraising initiatives to bolster the strength of the University.

4.1   Complete the next phase of a comprehensive fundraising campaign.

  • 4.1.A   Develop strategy to recognize, steward and celebrate success of first phase, while establishing connectivity to the next phase of the campaign.
  • 4.1.B   Fulfill campaign fundraising priority areas as identified in the Strategic Focus Plan.

4.2   Implement an annual, comprehensive advancement strategic plan with achievable fundraising goals and actions. 

  • 4.2.A   Reconstitute a donor pipeline by delivering segmented educational and appeal messages.
  • 4.2.B   Increase focus on, and productivity within, planned giving and foundation fundraising.

4.3   Increase alumni engagement through participation in University events, programs and philanthropy.

  • 4.3.A   Expand virtual activities and events to full alumni base.
  • 4.3.B   Foster young alumni through specific programming that includes their involvement, leadership and support.
  • 4.3.C   Emphasize the importance of alumni to the University’s fundraising success.

4.4   Implement comprehensive marketing plan to support the campaign and other fundraising efforts.

  • 4.4.A   Implement bold and cohesive campaign messaging.
  • 4.4.B   Implement an education initiative directed at alumni/donors to inform them of the changing dynamics, demographics and needs of current and future students, assuring donors of their impact and positive progress.