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Guiding Objective #1: Personalized

Enhance our capacity to deliver our enduring Mission and Core Values in ways uniquely suited to individually preparing students of today as leaders of the future.

1.1.     Implement innovative and distinctive programs that will enhance the culture of academic excellence for our students and help drive enrollment growth.

  • 1.1.A   Identify cross-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary programs based on existing strengths and target existing programs for growth. 
  • 1.1.B   Begin to implement a new general education curriculum that enhances our core commitments to liberal arts and develops students’ foundational capacities.
  • 1.1.C   Connect students with partners in the business and nonprofit fields with learning experiences, paid internships and work opportunities.
  • 1.1.D   Launch an entrepreneurship initiative that establishes and promotes partnerships with businesses and nonprofits for expanded, engaged learning experiences.

1.2.     Create plans for enhancement of facilities and infrastructure that will set the stage for Transylvania’s efforts for the next decade.

  • 1.2.A   Address critical needs in existing facilities.
  • 1.2.B   Cultivate environmental sustainability as both a value and as a practical means to accomplish our objectives.
  • 1.2.C   Be innovative in designing and adapting spaces to enhance and support curricular efforts and ensure accessibility.

1.3   Enhance mentoring and support across the campus community.

  • 1.3.A   Create a Center for Teaching and Learning that will provide faculty and staff educational and curriculum support and offer an interdisciplinary, collegial setting.
  • 1.3.B   Expand and enhance the 100 Doors Mentoring program, with a particular focus on the Alumni on Location initiative. 
  • 1.3.C   Identify and implement recruitment and retention strategies that result in a highly-qualified, diverse and well-supported faculty and staff.