Guiding Objective #4

Enhancing our capacities to deliver our enduring mission and core values in ways uniquely suited to preparing students of today as leaders of the future.

4.A Complete General Education revisions and Transy in the World program for implementation beginning in the 2021-22 academic year. partially complete Reviewed progress to date, met with faculty leadership, received report of CPC subcommittee, in discussion with CPC. Faculty voted in February 2021 on the first phase (Foundations) of revised General Education; next two phases (Pillars and Pathways) will be brought forward in the fall.
4.B Identify new curricular offerings in areas where Transylvania already has existing strengths, where there is potential for collaboration with other institutions and for which there is high demand and little or no compelling competition; select up to three for implementation by the 2022-23 academic year. partially complete New academic programs subcommittee of the Strategic Enrollment Council has been formed and is reviewing potential program additions with division chairs.
4.C Explore expanding internship opportunities by developing additional partnerships in the central Kentucky area to implement in 2021-22. complete A significant number of new internships available to Transylvania students were added to existing opportunities.


Explore expanding research and travel opportunities for students to implement in 2021-22.

complete Identified additional domestic and international options while reviewing available funds.
4.E Explore development of a three-part mentoring program for students to implement in 2021-22. partially complete Assessing current First Engagement Scholars, 100 Doors program alumni mentors, and academic advising; considering how to boost communication and collaboration among these three sets of mentors
4.F Explore expanding 100 Doors mentoring program for implementation in 2021-22. partially complete In-person outreach to begin during First Engagements 2021 and to continue throughout fall term.
4.G Develop a distinctive entrepreneurship program to implement in 2021-22. partially complete Announced plans to launch Center for Entrepreneurship, search for center director in July 16 release.
4.H Explore and, where appropriate, implement shifting of information technology elements to cloud-based options. complete Several applications and services have been moved to the cloud this year including those systems related to learning management, the campus ID card system, space reservation and calendaring, digital signage and critical backup functions.
4.I Enhance and strengthen the university’s network and data security program. complete Implemented multi-factor authentication and continued to evaluate and strengthen data and network security on campus.
4.J Make determinations about usage of spaces made available by relocations to new campus center. complete Needs and available spaces identified. Additional space allocation decisions to be made dependent on pilot of remote work accommodations post-pandemic.
4.K Make determinations about plans for renovation and/or refurbishment of Mitchell Fine Arts Center. partially complete Architect prepared an initial feasibility study detailing existing facility conditions. Desired uses for the facility were compiled and shared with the architect. Proposed floor plans were developed and cost estimates were prepared for renovation and/or new construction of the facility. The initial report showed lacking space for all desired programmatic functions.  Now need to evaluate in conjunction with the feasibility study prepared for Hazelrigg Hall to see if the combined buildings provide the needed space.
4.L Make determinations about plans for replacement or renovation/refurbishment of Fourth Street Apartments. complete The Fourth Street Apartments were demolished during summer 2021.
4.M Make determinations about plans for renovation and/or refurbishment of Hazelrigg. partially complete Hazelrigg was taken offline in early summer 2021. An initial feasibility study has been conducted to develop plans for potential refurbishment and uses of the facility. Now need to combine this with considerations related to the potential refurbishment of Mitchell Fine Arts to determine potential swing spaces during renovation work and ultimate uses of facilities overall.

complete Completed partially complete In progress