Guiding Objective #2

Increase demand for and access to a Transylvania education in order to grow total enrollment to 1,150 by 2024.

2.1 Meet enrollment growth goals by developing and implementing a comprehensive Strategic Enrollment Plan that enhances marketing, messaging and other communications; adds innovative curricular and co-curricular programs; identifies new markets; and increases alumni engagement.


Empower the Strategic Enrollment Council with responsibility and accountability for the overall Strategic Enrollment Plan, using internal and external data to identify growth opportunities and set specific target population enrollment goals to achieve overall enrollment objectives.

  • Enhance recruitment, increase overall retention, finalize and sign articulation agreement(s). 
partially complete

Increase in applications and admits; dual enrollment pilot underway; partner agreements in discussion or under review. 

Embedded learning forums showing initial positive results. 


Develop annual retention and recruitment plans.

  • Implement initial terms of supplemental instruction QEP; implement planning for student success institute. 
complete Initial QEP implementation complete; Student success planning underway. 

2.2 Optimize a financial aid, scholarship and pricing strategy to attract, support and retain students while also maximizing net tuition revenue.


Develop a scholarship and financial aid award matrix to meet/exceed enrollment, net tuition and discount rate goals.

  • Enhance William T. Young Scholarship program by expanding programming and recruiting. 
partially complete Enhancements underway. 

Define Transylvania’s pricing strategy relative to market conditions and competitor levels.

complete Completed.

2.3 Articulate the university’s overall marketing/branding strategy with a focus on the Transylvania experience from applicant to alumni.


Define Transy’s value proposition and communicate that to internal and external audiences, while ensuring the message is unique and outcomes are clearly articulated.

  • Implement strategic marketing and branding plan; evaluate internal communications for effectiveness. 
partially complete Branding rollout continues across campus; Initial review of internal communications underway. 

Enhance engagement of Transy’s alumni in recruitment, retention and placement.

  • Work with Board of Regents project teams on shaping partnerships, student skills development.
partially complete Regents task forces created and work underway. 

incompleteIncomplete complete Completed partially complete In progress

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