2022-23 Annual Plan

The 2022-23 Annual Plan identifies four key guiding objectives for the university, its leadership and the campus community for the academic and fiscal year beginning July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023. 


Through an engagement with the liberal arts, Transylvania University prepares its students for a humane and fulfilling personal and public life by cultivating independent thinking, open-mindedness, creative expression and commitment to lifelong learning and social responsibility in a diverse world.


As Pioneers, our centuries-long commitment to achieving excellence in liberal arts education is guided by these values: Integrity. Innovation. Diversity. Community. Perseverance.


In Lumine illo Tradimus Lumen (In That Light, We Pass on the Light.)


Transylvania University will be — and be recognized as — the finest urban undergraduate liberal arts institution in the nation.

Pursuing a “BOLD PATH” for Transylvania University: 2021-24

Over the next three years, Transylvania University will:

  • Bolster our strength.
  • Optimize our size by growing enrollment.
  • Leverage our capacities.
  • Diversify our campus community.


Transylvania University will be …

  1. Personalized: Enhance our capacity to deliver our enduring mission and core values in ways uniquely suited to individually preparing students of today as leaders of the future.
  2. Accessible: Increase demand for and access to a Transylvania education in order to grow total enrollment to 1,150 by 2024.
  3. Transformational: Uphold our commitment to social responsibility in a diverse world by cultivating and sustaining a culture of inclusion, equity and justice through education, dialogue and practice.
  4. Hopeful: Enthusiastically engage alumni and friends to invest in Transy’s future through a campaign and other fundraising initiatives to bolster the strength of the university.

The mid-year progress report was updated in January and posted online in early February.

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