Guiding Objective #2

Increase demand for and access to a Transylvania education in order to grow total enrollment to 1150 by 2024.

2.1 Meet enrollment growth goals by developing and implementing a comprehensive strategic enrollment plan that enhances marketing, messaging and communications; adds innovative curricular and co-curricular programs; identifies new markets and increases alumni engagement.

2.1.A Empower the Strategic Enrollment Council with responsibility and accountability for the overall strategic enrollment plan, using internal and external data to identify growth opportunities and set specific target population enrollment goals to achieve overall enrollment objectives.  



partially complete

First-year, full-time Retention rate for fall-to-winter was 93.7%, an increase over 91.4% the previous year. Fall-to-fall data will be available in September 2022. Options for increasing enrollment via new athletic programs explored, potential additions identified. 

Submitted apps up +300 over last year, admits up over 100; total deposits 321 and 302 enrolled as of 7/22/22

2.1.B Develop annual retention and recruitment plans.





partially complete

Implemented supplemental instruction QEP. No formal recommendations received from SACSCOC site visit team; reviewed their suggestions to assist in implementation. All hiring/implementation steps are on schedule. First course offerings in Fall 2022. Parent newsletter and parent portal implemented with significant engagement from parents of prospective parents; parents also engaging via chatbot.

Minimal fall travel out of state due to COVID; identified potential out-of-state students using athletic recruiting, alumni referrals and high school connections; Market research report completed by Hanover Research, proposed budget completed.

2.2 Optimize a financial aid, scholarship and pricing strategy to attract, support and retain students while also maximizing net tuition revenue.

2.2.A Develop a scholarship and financial aid award matrix to meet/exceed enrollment, net tuition and discount rate goals.  






partially complete

Award matrix developed; first aid packages delivered December 2021; Scholarship levels adjusted and being reflected in new aid packages; Announced and implementing BMW Academy Scholarship program; Scholar dinners implemented for current scholarship holders; Budget submitted by faculty coordinator for expanded programming. Premier Scholarship pool has 20% students of color.

Fell short of expanded new student and revenue targets.


2.2.B Define Transylvania’s pricing strategy relative to market conditions and competitor levels. complete 2022-23 tuition plan recommended to and approved by Board of Trustees in October 2021.

2.3 Articulate the university’s overall marketing/branding strategy with a focus on the Transylvania experience from applicant to alumni.

2.3.A Define Transylvania’s value proposition and communicate that to internal and external audiences, while ensuring the message is unique and outcomes are clearly articulated. complete

Messaging being implemented across multi-channel admissions marketing campaign (digital ads, paid search, publications, website, social); Communications flow for potential students developed and implemented August 2021-present.

2.3.B Enhance engagement of Transylvania’s alumni in recruitment, retention and placement. complete Board of Regents, alumni participating in admissions yield events; Created one-pager for alumni to use if they run into prospective students.

complete Completed partially complete In progress

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