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Get updates on Healthy at Transy, our campus reopening plan.

Guiding Objective #1

Delivering the fullest Transylvania experience possible while protecting the health and safety of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mid-year progress report updated on Jan. 14, 2021

1.ADevelop and implement overall public health policies and procedures for the campus for 2020-21 consistent with federal and state public health mandates and criteria.Brien Lewis

Implemented “Healthy at Transy” protocols including testing, daily check-ins via app and overall approach of individual empowerment along with individual and collective responsibility.

1.BDevelop and implement a modular academic calendar for 2020-21.Becky Thomas

Implemented modular calendar; considered return to semester for January 2021 but judged premature. Collecting student feedback to share.

1.CDevelop and implement residential housing and student engagement activities for 2020-21 consistent with federal and state public health mandates and criteria.Michael Covert

Housing & Residence Life reopened campus housing at normal occupancy (two students in most rooms) using strict public health protocols including:

  1. Suspension of the campus live-on requirement
  2. Isolation/quarantine spaces available
  3. Removal of common area and lounge furniture and closure of community restrooms
  4. Signage in all residence hall lobbies, common areas and elevators with COVID-19 information
  5. Phased move-in to allow for physical distancing
  6. Healthy at Transy anonymous reporting form
  7. The Student Life staff developed a full schedule of virtual and small-group events, which provided opportunities for engagement.
1.DDevelop and implement athletic activities for 2020-21 consistent with federal and state public health mandates and criteria.Holly Sheilley

Created a Transy Athletic Plan with guidelines consistent with those from the NCAA, CDC and local health departments for student-athletes to be able to practice and compete. This has been an ongoing and evolving situation.

See Appendix 1.D.

1.ELaunch and celebrate utilization of the new Campus Center as a hub for activities of Transylvania University and a magnet for our host community of central Kentucky (consistent with federal and state public health mandates and criteria).Michael Covert
Brien Lewis
Marc Mathews
Megan Moloney 

Opened Campus Center in August; finalizing minor “punch list” items. Dedication events postponed until October 2021 due to public health guidelines on in-person gatherings.

See Appendix 1.E.

1.FEnhance capacities, innovation and expertise in delivering and supporting remote and digital learning.Deepa Dubal
Becky Thomas

We continue to enhance online learning environment with multiple initiatives completed including:

  1. Implemented Canvas
  2. Purchased Zoom licenses
  3. DLA implemented iPad pilot program
  4. Purchased remote instructional equipment for faculty and staff
  5. Created WorkAnywhere and LearnAnywhere documentation
  6. Secured $45K in grant funding.

See Appendix 1.F.