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Transylvania Campus

University Bookstore

University Bookstore

The Transylvania University bookstore sells textbooks and Transylvania attire, of course, but as a "street store" along the vibrant Third Street corridor it also offers an extended selection of snacks, convenience items, greeting cards, and non-emblematic clothing and accessories.

In April 2012 it moved off campus to its current location (132 West Third Street) across the street from Hall Field, the athletic field used for softball, soccer, and intramural sports. "We're a community store now," said Michelle Bowling, bookstore manager and an employee of Follett Higher Education Group, the bookstore's managing company. "We want to get the community involved."

Officials at Transylvania worked with local architectural firm Myers Jolly Architects PLC to design the storefront visible from the street. Architects at the firm had a vested interest in the bookstore: they have occupied the space adjacent to the bookstore for 16 years.

Architect Charley Jolly is pleased with the results. "It kind of completes the entire block," he said. "It's the extension of Transylvania into the neighborhood and yet another example of Lexington's efforts to knit together its college campuses."


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