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1780 | The Official Blog of Transylvania University

Transylvania to provide partial refunds of room and board fees to students studying remotely after Thanksgiving break

The decision by Transylvania University to move instruction online for the final weeks of Module 3 will result in a credit for the unused portion of room and board fees paid by students. The credit will apply to the portion of fall term during which students were asked to leave campus.  If a student owes any fees to the university, the credit will automatically be applied to the balance. If the room and board credits result in a negative student account balance, students may request the amount be applied to next semester’s fees or receive a refund payment. In general, refunds are based on the university having delivered 87.75% of the days billed for fall 2020. This means: Students who vacate their residence hall rooms on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving will receive a credit of $400 toward room charges. Student-athletes who are required to remain on campus for sports will be provided with this credit as well.  Students living in the Fourth Street Apartments will not be provided with a credit as they are able to remain in their apartments through May 31, 2021.  Students who lived in a residence hall only during Module 2 will not receive a credit.   Any student approved to remain in the residence halls from Nov. 29-Dec. 18 will not receive a credit. Food service will end Nov. 24 for the remainder of the fall term. Based on the number of days delivered:  Students who