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4 tips to help you prepare for the ACT/SAT

Very few people are inherently good at taking tests. For the most part, it’s a learned skill. And just like anything new, to learn to perform better, you need practice! Here are our 4 Tips to help you prepare for your coming ACT/SAT. Tip #1: Register early and create a schedule. To make sure you get the ACT/SAT test date and testing center you want, register early, ideally 3 months before the exam. Both ACT and SAT provide test registration dates nearly one year in advance, so make sure you check regularly! Then, create a reasonable study schedule for the next few months or weeks leading up to your test – and be realistic. By this point in time, you know how busy you are during times in the school year with class, student organizations and extracurricular activities. Don’t assume you’ll study 2 hours a day every day, when in all likelihood it may be 20-30 minutes a day only four days a week (which, by the way, is actually what is recommended!) Tip #2: Find a study strategy that works for you. There are dozens of test prep books, websites, practice tests, and in-person courses you can take to help you get the best possible outcome. But, they may not all be right for you and your study style. Here are a few for you to read through, investigate, and learn about to get started: ACT.org Test Prep College Board SAT