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1780 | The Official Blog of Transylvania University

What you need to know about NCAA DIII & scholarships

There are a lot of misconceptions about NCAA Division III and how to pay for college. Do we provide athletic scholarships? Academic scholarships? Can you sign a National Letter of Intent? We have jotted down these common questions from parents and students and provided you with the in-depth answers you need to better understand Division III. “I am the BEST [insert sport here] athlete at my school/county/district/state. How can I earn an athletic scholarship to attend Transylvania University?” That’s awesome! We’re thrilled you’re interested in sporting Crimson as a Transylvania Pioneer. The good news? We have MANY scholarship offerings available, but you earn them in a different way than you might have imagined. According to NCAA Division III Bylaw 15.01.3, “A member institution shall not award financial aid to any student on the basis of athletics leadership, ability, participation or performance.” This means that as a NCAA Division III institution, Transylvania University is not allowed to provide athletic scholarships to students. So, how do you pay for college? Through your performance in the classroom and other avenues, such as financial need. Transylvania provides hundreds of thousands of dollars in merit-based scholarships every year. When combined with financial aid, it can make an education at Transy very affordable. “NCAA DIII schools aren’t allowed to give athletic scholarships, but what if I’m an exceptional athlete. If the coach really wants me they can ‘sweeten the pot’ if they want too.” NCAA Division III bylaws are