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5 mobile apps to help your college search

Mobile Apps

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to break down complex college info into bite-sized pieces for easy comparison?

Good news, there is! And, we’ll one-up you – it can all be found in your pocket.

Here are a handful of useful mobile apps you can use on the go to help manage the craziness that is the college admissions process.

1. Schoold

Schoold is a powerful tool that offers personalized school and scholarship recommendations for you based on your academic performance, test scores, and personal preferences. Plus, it can tell you what your chances are of getting in and how to improve them.

2. College Hunch

If you want a true side-by-side school comparison of colleges, College Hunch is for you. Not only is the sign-up a breeze, but it let’s you favorite your top colleges and provides abundant information about each.

3. ApplyKit

ApplyKit is truly a management tool that offers a handy college match system. You’ll select preferences such as region, concentration, and distance from home, while also answering agree/disagree statements to further narrow down your options. The checklist section also lets you keep up with your application and materials so you get it in on time.

4. Admittedly

Admittedly is not your typical college search app. In fact, colleges aren’t the focus at all…you are! Admittedly provides dozens of quizzes to match you and your traits to the right type of school based on things like personality, activism, athletics, and social scenes. It also has great advice for the college search in general, such as how to talk with counselors and how to make the best of your transition to college. While we don’t recommend it as a college search tool, it is the best app to help you learn more about yourself and your best college fit.

5. Naviance Student*

Why the asterisk? This app isn’t available to everyone! If your school is a Naviance school, check out the matching mobile app. It allows you to access an easy-to-use college research tool and syncs directly with your school’s system. You can also see upcoming deadlines and set reminders to stay on track with your college apps.

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