Transy sustainability effort: overview


Recycling is one of the most basic ways we eliminate waste and reduce the university’s carbon footprint. Transylvania recycles most materials, including paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum, and items such as batteries, electronics, and ink cartridges. Being “green” is more than just asking how things are made. It also extends to what happens to them when we’re finished with them.

  • Blue recycling bins are located throughout campus, including residence hall rooms, offices, and classrooms. View the Transylvania recycling guidelines.
  • Outdoor recycling bins are being added around campus.
  • In addition to the materials that can be recycled in the blue bins, Transylvania offers ink cartridge, battery, and small electronics (cell phones, MP3 players, etc.) recycling through the sustainability office.
  • Transylvania partners with TerraCycle, a company that collects items that are normally landfill-bound. TerraCycle makes a variety of products out of this “trash,” and pays Transylvania for each item collected. This income supports the battery recycling program.

The university takes bulk waste, such as wood from downed trees and leaves from fall cleanup, to a local company to be ground into mulch and other products.

Recycling Guidelines

Resycling bins