Transy sustainability effort: overview

Energy Efficiency

Transylvania takes on new construction with sustainability in mind, and many existing buildings have been retrofitted for energy-efficiency. The number of improvements is constantly growing.

  • Transylvania has two geothermal systems on campus, in Thomson Hall and the Glenn Building.
  • Thomson Hall was the first Energy STAR-certified residence hall in Kentucky. Insulating values exceed state code requirements by 28 percent, the geothermal heating and air conditioning system's variable speed pump saves 50 percent of pumping energy per year, the outside air ventilation system includes a total energy recovery wheel, corridor and laundry room lighting have energy-saving motion sensors. Sustainability even extends to the parking lot, where the surface consists of 50 percent recycled material.
  • All bathrooms have low-flow shower heads.
  • The Clive M. Beck Athletic and Recreation Center's restrooms and dressing rooms have motion sensor lighting and energy-saving water faucets and shower heads.
  • When remodeling the Brown Science Center, major work was done to the heating and air conditioning system to make it more productive and energy efficient.
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