Dr. Rebecca Hochradel

Associate Professor, Business Administration

Dr. Rebecca Hochradel
Ph.D., Business Philosophy, Old Dominion University, 2007
M.S., Management in Community Nutrition, Georgia State University, 1984
B.S., Home Economics, University of Louisville, 1978

Recent Publications (long)

Hochradel, R. and E. Youssef (2016). “What Factors Impact College Choice? A Comparison of Student Athletes and Non-Student Athletes Selection Criteria” Journal of Business and Economics. Accepted. 

Edmunds, P., N. Kingsley, and R. Hochradel (2014). “Positing Augmented Reality as a Marketing Tool for Jobs and Tourism in Northeast North Carolina.” Journal of Business and Economics, 8 (August). 

Hochradel, R., J. Long, C. Johnson, and H. Wells (2010). “The Effect of Diversity Mandates: The Case of Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning.” Journal of Diversity Management, 5(3). 

Hochradel, R., J. Long, and C. Johnson (2010). “Team Teaching: Communication is the Key when Integrating Graduate Coursework.” Association for Business Communication, 73(2). 

Hochradel, R. and P. Bunn (2010). “The Effect of Class Attendance on Course Outcomes in Schools of Business.” The Journal of Business, Industry, and Economics, 14 (Spring). 

Kirchner, T. and B. Hochradel (2005). “The Role of BCP Research,” Disaster Recovery Journal, 18(3). 

SE Kossman Faculty Award, Delta State University, 2015
HEADWAE Award, Delta State University, 2015
Dulce Fund award sponsored by Delta State University and Dr. Leila Wynn, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Research Initiative Award funded by the Office of Sponsored Programs at Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA, 2007
Going Places grant funded by the US Department of Labor, Washington, DC, 2000-2003