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International Destinations 2006

  • Race, Ethnicity, and Identity in Central America

    Travel Dates: April 27th-May 17th
    Instructors: Gregg Bocketti and Chris Begley
    Location: Hondura

    Course Description

    This course explores concepts of race, ethnicity, and cultural identity in Central America. Topics include archeological reconstruction of ethnicity, historical concepts of race, native identity and resistance to colonial rule, post-conquest ethnicity and ethnogenesis, and the role of the African Diaspora in the construction of modern national identity.

  • Ceramics and Chemistry in Europe

    Travel Dates: May 2-16
    Instructors: Dan Selter and Jerry Seebach
    Location: Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Netherlands

    Course Description

    An exploration of the history and science of ceramic glazes, with a focus on the ceramic traditions of Europe and including the Asian and Middle Eastern influences for those traditions. Through classroom lectures and hands-on exercises, students will also examine theories of how color is developed in glazes.

  • Issues in Global Economy

    Travel Dates: tba
    Instructors: Allan Barley and Rod Erfani
    Location: Costa Rica

    Course Description

    This course explores the cultures and business practices in Latin America as they relate to international economic relations. Selected economic and public policy issues will be examined, emphasizing international trade and financial relations and growth problems with economic development.

  • Transy's Tour de France

    Travel Dates: May 4-17
    Instructors: Brian Arganbright and Sharon Brown
    Location: France

    Course Description

    This course will cover issues of health and nutrition that train the group for this bicycling experience. The course will explore the beauty and local culture of Provence while bicycling the back roads, as well as through readings, museum visits, and personal interactions.

  • Transy Choir Visits Transylvania

    Travel Dates: May 13-22
    Instructors: Gary Anderson
    Location: Austria, Hungary, and Romania

    Course Description

    The Transylvania University Choir will travel to Austria, Hungary, and Romania. Concerts will be presented in Vienna and Krems, Austria; in Budapst and Szentendre, Hungary; and in Sibiu, Romania, which is in the Transylvania region. Historic areas, art galleries, museums, and concerts will also be on the agenda during the ten-day tour.

  • Excursions Into Non-Western Music

    Travel Dates: May 12-20
    Instructors: Larry Barnes
    Location: Costa Rica

    Course Description

    Students in this course will witness school and church music from several regions of Costa Rica as well as participate in many activities planned to immerse them in the local culture and allow them to experience the beauty of the tropical rainforests

  • Writing for Writing's Sake

    Travel Dates: April 26th - May 11th
    Instructors: Martha Gehringer and Meg Upchurch
    Location: Ireland

    Course Description

    A residency at the Burren College of Art will provide students with the space and time for reflection and for writing. Students will have a month to commit to a preconceived writing project or simply to explore a range of writing possibilities.

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