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International Destinations 2005

  • International Accounting and Taxation

    Travel Dates: May 8-22
    Instructors: Daniel Fulks and Judy Jones
    Location: Ireland

    Course Description

    A significant segment of the course will be devoted to the Equine Industry, both in the Lexington area and in Ireland. Travel includes one week in the Dublin (East Coast) area and one week in Galway (West Coast).

  • Golden Ages Spain in Art/Literature

    flag Travel Dates: April 24th - May 7th
    Instructors: Veronica Dean-Thacker and Nancy Wolsk
    Location: Spain

    Course Description

    Focusing on four germinal periods of art and literature in Spain, this course will introduce students to Mozarabic, Medieval, Baroque (the great Golden Age), and contemporary worlds of Spanish art and literature.

  • Issues in Global Economy

    flag Travel Dates: April 26th - May 17
    Instructors: Rod Ergani and W. Alan Bartley
    Location: Costa Rica

    Course Description

    The course format will include a combination of lectures, videos, presentations and guest speakers. There will be several field study visits to commercial, governmental and cultural companies.
  • Paul in the Roman Empire

    flag Travel Dates: April 28th-May 18th
    Instructors: Frank Russell, Paul Jones
    Location: Turkey/Greece

    Course Description

    This course seeks to understand the words and world of Paul the apostle by visiting significant sites in both Turkey and Greece that relate Paul to the Roman imperial world that surrounded him, the Jewish covenantal religion that formed him, and the Christian faith that transformed him.

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