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Domestic Destinations 2014

  • Environmental Chem & Health

    flag Travel Dates: April 25 - May 16
    Instructor: K. Abraham/G. Kaufman
    Location: Arkansas, Texas, Kansas, Missouri


    Course Description

    This course will provide students with an interdisciplinary exploration of the interplay between their physiological, man-made, and natural environments. Students will reconsider their own world view and personal values on matters that include energy consumption, agricultural practices, nutrition and diet, and physical activity. They will emerge from their experience as more informed about their practical lives and environmental stewardship on which their lives depend. We will spend May Term on a road trip to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park, with stops along the way at places such as Heifer Ranch (Perryville, AR); Dallas, TX; Greensburg, KS; and Colombia, MO.

  • Creative Storytelling: Art, Narrative, & Performance

    flag Travel Dates: Last week of May
    Instructor: C. Cochis & M. Dixon
    Location: Louisville/Cincinnati KY


    Course Description

    What do Spalding Gray's Swimming to Cambodia, Anna Deavere Smith’s Fires in the Mirror, and David Sedaris’s SantaLand Diaries have in common? They are all solo storytelling performances which draw a viewing and/or listening audience into a narrative text, inviting them to explore its meanings in a mediated, framed, creative event. Storytelling is an integral part of our mainstream cultural experience today, as it has been throughout human history. “Telling the Story: Art, Narrative, and Performance” explores a corpus of stories that span cultural commentary and critique, autobiography, and narrative fiction, from the classics to the present (examples: the Odyssey, Boccaccio's Decameron, works by Maupassant, Borges, Haruhiro Kinoshita, and others). By focusing on storytelling as a dramatic form of communication, this course emphasizes the connections between narrative and the human experience. Students will read, analyze, discuss, and perform narratives in connection with a work of art exhibited at the Speed Museum in Louisville and/or at the Cincinnati Art Museum. By integrating storytelling with performance and with the plastic arts, students develop a sense of how distinct art forms approach questions of human action and identity in different yet complementary ways. We will take our show on the road, to the museums where the artworks are displayed, as well as to the Transylvania University stage. (IV) Estimated Travel Dates: Day trips to Louisville during the last week of May term.

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