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Jonathan KellyJonathan Kelly: Talking About Medicine

“There are a lot of places that can give you small class sizes or a liberal arts curriculum similar to Transylvania’s. However, none of those places has Transylvania’s location in a large city, and none of those places has such amazing and dedicated faculty. Every single interaction I had with a faculty or staff member was a positive one. It felt like all of them genuinely wanted me to succeed and were happy to help me do that however they could.”

After receiving his Transylvania degree, Jonathan Kelly '11 felt well-prepared for the scientific challenges he faced as a medical student at the University of Louisville. Interestingly, however, it was the liberal arts aspect of his Transylvania education that gave him a leg up.

“The liberal arts may not immediately seem like a great asset in the medical field, however, it may be one of the most important,” Kelly said. “Coming from Transy, I have a much more varied and well-rounded background than a lot of my classmates from larger universities, and that gives me an advantage when it comes to explaining complex medical issues to patients and families.”

Kelly said Transylvania's small classes encouraged group discussion and fostered good communication skills, which “are essential in the medical profession.” And the close relationships he had with many of his professors “was great preparation for collaborating with attending physicians in a professional manner.”

“The person who had the biggest impact was my advisor, chemistry professor Eva Csuhai. I had Dr. Csuhai for seven classes through my Transy career and she helped me gain the skill set that has been essential for me in medical school. She took an interest in me from the first year and was instrumental in helping me achieve my goals,” he said.

Religion professor Paul Jones also had a major impact. “He helped me get to where I am, but in a different way. Dr. Jones helped me grow as a student outside the sciences, which is a major asset now that I am closer to being out in the real world.”

Kelly also valued his time working with the then-fledgling student newspaper, The Rambler—not only because it “forced” him to get out of the science building but also because it enabled him to be involved in the larger campus community.

“Aside from getting into medical school, the accomplishment that means the most to me from my time at Transy is being part of the group that brought back The Rambler,” Kelly said.

Kelly, who long planned to be a physician, chose Transylvania after “falling in love” with the school on a campus visit. “The location of the campus in downtown Lexington is incredible, the campus itself is beautiful, and everyone I met on my visit seemed genuine and friendly. It really just seemed like a perfect fit all around.”

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