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Transylvania 2020

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To the Transylvania Community

Welcome to the most recent version of the university’s strategic plan. Please understand, this is and will be a living document, such that no version is final. This plan provides a roadmap for Transylvania’s continued excellence through the year 2020. It is the result of many hours and contributions from a board committee, multiple working groups, a drafting group, several town-hall meetings, the President’s Advisory Council, and hundreds of individually submitted suggestions (from faculty, staff, students, alumni, and trustees), all of which were processed by the cabinet. The current plan has truly been informed and shaped by the entire Transylvania community.

As you read the plan, please keep in mind that the Key Performance Targets essentially bookend this document; they represent both the primary objectives and the key metrics by which we will assess the plan. Also, the values articulated are in no way exhaustive; rather, they are the ideals deemed most necessary at this point in our development.

The Board of Trustees approved the scope and direction of this plan at their January 18, 2013, meeting. We will now begin to implement the highest priority strategies, if (and only if) we meet our enrollment projections in May of this year. Please bear in mind, this plan will be implemented over seven years, such that all significant expenditures will be resubmitted to the Board for approval at subsequent meetings. Also, it is important to recall that the strategic plan will soon be followed by an implementation plan, a campus plan, a marketing plan, and, perhaps most importantly, a campaign plan. While the many objectives within the strategic plan will cost a great deal to implement, we hope that the distinctiveness of all that is here will inspire the family and friends of Transylvania to help us realize our 2020 vision.

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