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Promote Civic Engagement and Social Justice

Open all tactics

Everyone at Transylvania University has the responsibility to give back to our community, through initiatives such as the following:

  1. Ensure an affordable education for all students.

    1. Meet the full, demonstrated financial need for the most academically talented students using a combination of scholarships, grants, work-study, and loans.
    2. Guarantee graduation in four years to new, full-time, first-year students.
    3. Offer a level tuition program that allows students to lock in a set tuition rate for four consecutive academic years.
    4. Offer students the option to pay their balance of tuition, fees, room, and board charges over 12 equal monthly payments.
  2. Provide students with opportunities to interact with individuals of diverse backgrounds, thus encouraging the appreciation of differences and the development of multicultural understanding.

    1. As part of the Creative Intelligence Series, bring to campus individuals from the Lexington and Kentucky communities who can speak to their ideas, their work, and their life experiences related to diversity and inclusion.
    2. Develop a working relationship between Transylvania's Diversity & Inclusion office and the Greek Life community to identify and implement collaborative programming and service opportunities.
    3. Establish new mentoring opportunities for student volunteers to participate in community-based programs such as an Educational Safe House providing homework assistance for students K-12.
    4. Develop additional programming such as poetry readings or open mic opportunities liaising with the series “What matters to me and why” being developed by Religious Life.
    5. Develop multicultural events with the Lexington community and alumni, such as musical and gastronomic festivals, with proceeds going to the Diversity Action Council.
    6. Create university-sponsored field trip opportunities to places such as the National Underground Freedom Center Museum.
    7. Support and institutionalize initiatives such as Alternative Spring Break, enabling students to have first-hand experiences in diverse environments around the world.
    8. As part of the Kenan Lecture Series, invite artists who can address diversity and inclusion issues in their performances.
  3. Initiate and integrate academic and co-curricular programming that promotes citizenship and service as a means for advancing social justice.

    1. Through civic engagement and service programming, cultivate and support diversity and inclusion initiatives on campus.
    2. Create sustained, institutionalized civic engagement on campus and promote student learning by sponsoring and/or hosting local civic events, speakers, and workshops on civic leadership.
    3. Develop additional courses that connect curriculum to community.
    4. Encourage community-based research.
    5. Provide workshops for faculty, staff, and students to learn skills related to grant-writing, participatory community action, and political action, and create possibilities for sharing these skills with local community partners.
    6. Prepare students, faculty, and staff to serve on non-profit boards, write grants, run for public office, and create their own non-profit organizations.
  4. Create forums and partnerships that advance civil political discourse within the state of Kentucky through the Henry Clay Center for Statesmanship (HCCS).

    1. Establish an annual summer workshop for 50 rising high school seniors from the state of Kentucky.
    2. Develop collaborations with other national centers/programs such as the Carter Center, Clinton Global Initiative, Heritage Foundation, Brookings Institution, Washington Center, etc.
  5. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude towards Transylvania and Lexington.

    1. Develop stand-alone Honor Roll of Giving publication that will recognize our donors and share stories about the importance of supporting Transylvania.
    2. Create a Philanthropy Day/Tuition Day event on campus to raise awareness of the importance of private support.
    3. Initiate educational interactions between our student body and local non-profit leaders to raise awareness of how private support impacts Transylvania University and the Lexington community.
    4. Engage alumni in the Senior Challenge Program by inviting them back to campus to work with the senior class and inform them of the responsibility of becoming an alum.
    5. Re-brand and re-purpose the Student Alumni Association (SAA) to serve as official ambassadors who provide an extra measure of hospitality and assistance to the administration, alumni, and community during functions held on and off-campus.
    6. Work with the Office of Financial Aid to enable effective and appropriate stewarding of scholarship donors through increased interaction with their student recipients.
    7. Promote lifelong commitment to Transylvania to new graduates by inviting 50th Reunion Class members to participate in commencement.
  6. Promote the social, environmental, and financial sustainability of our campus, region, and world.

    1. Leverage our intellectual capabilities to develop creative, sustainable solutions for purchasing, transportation, food, and waste.
    2. Foster understanding and support for sustainability throughout the campus and local community through role modeling, partnerships, and service.
  7. Integrate campus life with community neighbors in a cooperative, mutually beneficial manner.

    1. Provide opportunities for civic engagement by cultivating strong and sustained ties to local civic and community service organizations.
    2. Broaden Transylvania's interaction with its neighborhood by providing meeting spaces, lectures, and programming that includes community partners.
    3. Expand community involvement and service activities for student athletes by partnering with student affairs in community partnerships that promote civic engagement.
    4. Develop programming in which local at-risk youth groups benefit from Transylvania athletic team interactions through wellness/fitness activities and leadership development.

Open all tactics
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