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F. A. Q. - Residence Life Information

Moving in

Is there an ATM on campus?

There is one ATM located in the back lobby of Transylvania University's Forrer Hall.

What are the housing requirements of students at Transylvania University?

Full-time students must live on campus unless the student:

  • Has achieved senior status (27 course units) before the beginning of fall term;
  • Is 21 years old by the date of fall term enrollment;
  • Is married; or
  • Lives with parent(s) or legal guardian.

Requests for exemption from the housing requirement should be directed to Hannah Piechowski, Associate Director of Residence Life and Housing, at (859) 233-8498.

Are Resident Advisors available to help students if needed?

Resident Advisors (RAs) are upperclass students who live in the residence halls and are responsible for a floor of about 40 students. The RAs act as educators, promoting the principles of citizenship, leadership, and self-government while applying those principles in working with students. The RAs also receive support from four area coordinators, upperclass undergraduate and graduate students with previous experience as an RA who reside on campus.

Our student has selected a board plan that works quite well; however, we would like to provide additional money. Is this possible?

Additional money may be credited to the student's Crimson Card. This money can be used to buy food at Transy's three dining services, to pay for copies, and to pay for use of laundry machines or vending machines. If you need assistance, contact the Crimson Card Office.

Can you tell me more about Transylvania University's dining services?

Transylvania's dining service provides three meals a day in Forrer Dining Center for resident and commuter students, faculty and staff, and campus visitors. Breakfast and lunch are also served in the Rafskeller Grill. Students living in Forrer, Thomson, Hazelrigg, Rosenthal, and Poole halls are required to purchase a "19-meal plan", "14-meal plan", "10-meal plan", or 160 meals per semester. Commuter students can also purchase two meal plans: a block or 40 or 60 meals that can be used at any time during the year. (Read more about the meal plan options.)

In addition, students may put money on their Crimson Card that may be used in Forrer Dining Center, the Rafskeller, and The 1780 Café, a late-night hangout. Students with special dietary needs may arrange for meals to suit their needs by contacting the director of dining services. More...

What is Transylvania University's alcohol policy?

Use of alcoholic beverages by students under 21 years of age and use of illicit drugs are prohibited on campus and at campus-sponsored events. Because Transylvania is part of the Lexington community and has a commitment to prepare students for responsible participation in the community and beyond, the university views consumption of alcoholic beverages by students 21 years of age or older as a personal decision, so long as it is done responsibly. Specific guidelines are provided to students at the start of each fall term.

Are there activities available to fill out-of-classroom time?

More than 70 student organizations cover a range of activities that include student government, campus media, honoraries, special interest groups, departmental societies, service groups, national fraternities, national sororities, and religious organizations. For more information, call the William T. Young Campus Center at (859) 233-8269.

Is there any way that I can remain current with what is happening at Transy?

There are many opportunities for parents to be involved with the Transylvania community. The student life staff will keep you informed throughout the year about campus events and activities through the TransParent News and other communications. For more information, contact Diane Fout. You can also check the Transylvania news page and our Facebook page for daily updates.

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