Asian Studies

About This Program

Asian Studies Minor
4-8  course units, including:
Asian language proficiency (1034 or equivalent)
CHI 2014 Advanced Chinese Composition and Conversation (or equivalent in another Asian language)
4 electives (from at least 2 disciplines) from the following:
ARTH 1604 Introduction to Asian Art
ARTH 2624 Arts of China
ARTH 2644 Arts of Japan
ARTH 2664 Chinese Calligraphy: History and Practice
ARTH 3624 Buddhist Art of Asia
ARTH 3644 Modern Chinese Art
CHI 1014 Chinese I*
CHI 1024 Chinese II*
CHI 1034 Chinese III*
CHI 2014 Advanced Chinese Composition and Conversation*
CHI 2044 Chinese Cinema
CHI 2054 Introduction to Modern Chinese Literature
CHI 2294 Special Topics
ECON 3144 International Trade and Finance
HIST 2304 Pre-Modern China
MUS 1154 Excursions into Non-Western Music
PHIL 2504 Ancient Chinese Thought
REL 1134 Foundations of Asian Religions
REL 2234 Hindu Religious Traditions
REL 2544 Buddhist Religious Traditions

A travel course, study abroad course, or any other relevant course approved by the program may be used to meet an elective requirement.
For students whose language focus is not Chinese, one of the courses marked with an * may be chosen as an elective.