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Education Major/Minor Patterns

Students wishing to teach must apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program. Admission is contingent upon a cumulative grade point average of 2.75; completion of the ACT with a minimum composite score of 21, the SAT with a minimum composite score of 990, or the PPST/PRAXIS I with a minimum composite score on the written format of: Reading: 173; Mathematics: 173; Writing: 172; or a minimum composite score on the computer format of: Reading: 320; Mathematics: 173; Writing: 172; submission of several recommendations; and a successful interview with the Teacher Education Advisory Board. To be recommended for certification, candidates completing the program must have a minimum 2.75 GPA overall and in their education courses; have a successful exit conference on their Program Portfolio; have a passing score on the PRAXIS exam; and pass student teaching, with written evaluations from supervising and coordinating field teachers.

Teaching certification requirements in Kentucky (and generally in the nation) are undergoing far-reaching reviews and changes. It is essential that the prospective teacher maintain a close and continueing liaison with academic advisers and advisers in the education program so that appropriate planning can include state mandated changes and requirments.

Transylvania students have had a 100% pass rate on the PRAXIS exams for the past 5 years.

Elementary: P-5 Certification
EDU 1004 Observing the Learner
EDU 2014 Schooling in American Culture
EDU 2094 Standards-Based Instruction
EDU 2104 Mathematics of Primary School
EDU 2164 Designing Constructivist- Based Learning Climates
EDU 3034 Literacy in Written and Spoken Language for Learners in Primary Schools
EDU 3074 Interactive, Integrative Learning Climates
EDU 3084 Inquiry-Based Learning Climates
EDU 3104 Learning Climates Supporting Mathematical Reasoning
EDU 3244 Practicum in Learning Experiences
EDU 4214 Supervised Teaching in Elementary School
EDU 4514 Senior Seminar

1 education elective.

Allied courses:
PSY 1004 General Psychology
1 science course with lab
1 English course
1 American History course
MATH 1034 Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics

Students are stronly encouraged to take Spanish as their foreign language.

Middle Grades: 5-9 Certification
EDU 1004 Observing the Learner
EDU 2014 Schooling in American Culture
EDU 2094 Standards-Based Instruction
EDU 2164 Designing Constructivist-Based Learning Climates
EDU 3054 Instructional Strategies and Content Area Literacy for Learners in Middle and Secondary Schools
EDU 3124 Young Adolescents: Preparing to Teach in the Middle Level
EDU 3134 Creating Middle Level Learning Experiences
EDU 3244 Practicum in Learning Experiences
EDU 4414 Supervised Teaching: Middle Grades 5-8
EDU 4514 Senior Seminar

Students must also take the following allied course:
PSY 1004 General Psychology

Specialization Component: 12 course units are required, distributed among 2 teaching fields chosen from English/ Communication, Mathematics, Science, or Social Studies. There are specific requirements in each teaching field. It is essential that students seeking middle grades certification check with the education faculty when choosing courses to meet these requirements.

Education Minor for Secondary Certification (8-12)

All students pursuing high school teaching credentials must fulfill the requirements for the Education Minor in Secondary Certification.  See each teaching discipline major (Biology, Chemistry, English, History, and Mathematics) for the requirements for high school teaching certification in these areas.

Educational Studies Minor
This minor does not lead to teacher certification. Rather, it is for students considering graduate level work to become teachers, speech therapists, or school psychologists. Others may have an interest in journalism or drama, and some want to be better informed about education as citizens and future parents.

6 courses, including:
EDU 1004 Observing the Learner
EDU 2014 Schooling in American Culture

1 of the following:
EDU 2204 Enculturation in Non-Western Societies
EDU 2414 The Immigrant Child
EDU 3414 Race, Ethnicity, and Social Class in American Education
EDU 3424 Women in Education

3 additional courses upon consultation with the education faculty and approval of the program director.