Art History

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Art History Minor Pattern
6 course units, including:
ARTH 1114 Art History: Ancient to Gothic
ARTH 1124 Art History: Renaissance to Modern
ARTH 2554 African Art and Culture

1 studio art course
2 of the following:
ARTH 2144 Art 1850 to the Present
ARTH 2154 History of Architecture: Classic to Contemporary
ARTH 2604 Ideas in Non-Western Art
ARTH 3064 African American Art
ARTH 3084 African Art in the Atlantic Diaspora
ARTH 3114 Special Topics in Art History
ARTH 3124 Women in Art
ARTH 3154 Architecture 1850 to the Present
ARTH 3164 Art 1970 to the Present
ARTH 3504 Gender and African Art