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Transylvania University gallery exhibition displays trashy art 12/17/13
LEXINGTON, Ky.—Over a thousand yards of tattered garden hose, two years of dusty lint, hundreds of water bottles and dozens of old laundry detergent bottles will litter Transylvania University’s...[more]
Ben Sollee to perform at Transylvania Feb. 15 12/13/13
LEXINGTON, Ky.—Planning a special Valentine’s weekend with your significant other? Don’t miss this opportunity to share the joy of a local performance by international music star and Lexin...[more]
Transylvania students shine at annual Yale institute for bioethics 12/10/13
LEXINGTON, Ky.—Should humans use animals to grow new ears? Should we attempt to revive extinct species like the passenger pigeon or the wooly mammoth? How shall we care for our aging human population?...[more]


Fourth Street improvements will transform north Lexington 11/26/13
LEXINGTON, Ky.—Collaboration. According to Lexington Mayor Jim Gray, that’s what made it happen. Connections. That’s what Urban County Council member Chris Ford wants the improvements to...[more]
What to do with all these chimps? 11/25/13
LEXINGTON, Ky.—You might think the United States has a wide variety of surpluses: fast food restaurants, ineffective politicians, talentless celebrities, overpaid athletes, insipid tweets. But chimp...[more]
Henry Clay Center names new executive director 11/18/13
LEXINGTON, Ky.—The Board of Directors of The Henry Clay Center for Statesmanship has named Eduardo Nino-Moreno as the center’s new executive director. The center, a partnership between Transy...[more]
Concert explodes with Rachmaninoff, soothes with Beethoven 11/11/13
LEXINGTON, Ky.—On Sunday, Nov. 17, gifted pianist David Viscoli will perform works of two musical giants, Beethoven and Rachmaninoff, presenting a program that demands passion and virtuosity. The conc...[more]
Lexington Tattoo Project unveils the “hidden image” Nov. 15 11/7/13
LEXINGTON, Ky.—The Lexington Tattoo Project brought together a diverse community: grandmothers, parents, tattoo aficionados, tattoo newbies, bikers, poets. On Friday, Nov. 15, the tattoo designs thems...[more]
Transylvania hosts Day of Remembrance for transgender individuals who were victims of violence 11/5/13
LEXINGTON, Ky.—In 2012, the lives of more than 60 transgender individuals worldwide came to a violent end. They were beaten, strangled, shot, stabbed, burned and frequently mutilated—all because...[more]
Music lovers take note 11/5/13
LEXINGTON, Ky.—Music lovers, take out your calendars and start planning: Transylvania University’s music program has four compelling—and contrasting—performances scheduled for the ne...[more]