Campus Policies

Any non-university individual or group wishing to reserve any outdoor space on campus must contact the Vice President for Marketing and Communications for approval. The Vice President of Marketing and Communications will confer with any department on campus that may be potentially affected by the request.

Individual or groups that are permitted to reserve outdoor space are responsible for any special set up and clean up. Property may not be damaged or defaced. Any damages incurred or cost for cleanup will be charged to the individual making the reservation. Signs and other materials must be stand alone, approved prior by VP for Marketing and Communications, and self- supporting (not stapled, taped, glued, or otherwise adhered to any university property). Writing on university property, even with washable chalk, is not permitted without express consent.

The University reserves the right to deny any request that is believed to be an inappropriate use of the outdoor campus space.

Reserve Campus Space Form—Before filling out this form, you should contact Julie Martinez, assistant director of marketing, at 859-281-3617, or jmartinez@transy.edu.

Canvassing is defined in this policy as an activity undertaken to gain support for some purpose, but not to solicit money for any purpose (campaigns, charity, and commercial alike).

On the basis of this definition, non-Transylvania groups wishing to canvass students, faculty, and staff on the Transylvania University campus grounds must have prior permission from the Vice President of Marketing and Communications and/or the Communications Policy Committee, and may conduct their canvassing only on public/city streets and sidewalks.

Canvassing may not occur in the interior of campus or within buildings. Any canvassing, or direct contact with a target group of individuals must follow established guidelines of the University and be approved by the Vice President of Marketing and Communications and/or the Communications Policy Committee. Political candidates and/or their representatives may be invited to campus if approved by Vice President of Marketing and Communications and/or the Communications Policy Committee.

The University endorses free speech and sharing of ideas and ideally this discourse is open and candid and characterized by mutual respect and civility. The University encourages a balanced approach in all communications and the inclusion of contrary points of view.

The primary function of a university is to discover and disseminate knowledge by means of research and teaching. To fulfill this function, a free interchange of ideas is necessary not only within the university but also with the larger society. At Transylvania University, freedom of expression is vital to our shared goal of the pursuit of knowledge. Such freedom comes with a responsibility to welcome and promote this freedom for all, even in disagreement or opposition.

The right of freedom of expression at the University includes peaceful protests and orderly demonstrations by members of the University community in designated areas. Designated areas on campus include Alumni Plaza and Back Circle. Non-Transylvania groups wishing to protest may only do so on public sidewalks and are not permitted on University property. At the same time, for both Transylvania community members and non-Transylvania community members, the University has long recognized that the right to protest and demonstrate does not include the right to engage in conduct that disrupts the University's operations or endangers the safety of others.

Disruptive conduct is any conduct that substantially obstructs, impairs, or interferes with: (i) teaching, study, research, or administration of the University; (ii) the authorized and other permissible use of University facilities, including meetings of University students, faculty, staff, administrators and/or guests; or (iii) the rights and privileges of other members of the University community. Disruptive conduct also includes, but is not limited to, (1) obstruction, impairment, or interference with University sponsored or authorized activities or facilities in a manner that is likely to or does deprive others of the benefit or enjoyment of the activity or facility and (2) use or threatened use of force against any member of the University community or his or her family that substantially and directly bears upon the member's functions within the University. Any member of the University who engages in disruptive conduct will be subject to disciplinary action.

The Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act requires that information about the University' s athletic program be available on request, including (a) University enrollment by gender; (b) a listing of varsity teams that participate in intercollegiate athletics, including (1) the number of participants by team, (2) the total operating expenses attributable to each team, (3) the gender of the head coach and assistant coaches and whether each coach is assigned on a full- or part-time basis; (c) the total amount spent on recruiting, separately reported for men’s and women’s teams overall; (d) the total annual revenues generated by men’s and women’s teams overall; and (e) the average annual salaries of head and assistant coaches of men’s and women’s teams overall. Information prepared by the Athletic and Accounting Departments are available at http://ope.ed.gov/athletics/ by using the search tool to select Transylvania University

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