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Senior Thesis Exhibition: Rachel Kimbrough


Rachel Kimbrough
Neapolitan Princess (detail of logo), 2013
Installation of a storefront, mixed media including: ceramics, digital prints on purchased items (such as t-shirts, mugs, Chap Stick) felt, wood, wire, spray paint, acrylic paint, adhesive
9’ x 5' x 9’

Artist Statement
Cartoons are a source of fascination and entertainment for younger viewers that can also give a sense of nostalgia and safety to an older audience.  In an attempt to sell products (and indirectly maladaptive social values), merchandise aimed at young girls is often given food equivalence.  Using cherry-flavored lipgloss, candy-shaped containers with lip-balm and a cute soliciting cartoon plastered on the front turns the young girls into an edible product.  This installation explores the duality in the nature of cartoons originally aimed at young girls.  The characters and merchandising are simultaneously sexually alluring while also being cute and innocent.  Now, an older generation also finds these cartoons enticing and some merchandise has been given an adult manifestation.  The characters of the franchise Neapolitan Princess are personifications of different flavors of ice cream to reflect the undertones of (over)consumption and the marketability of girls, literally giving the characters a food equivalence.  By using ice cream personified characters as a parallel, Neapolitan Princess questions the cartoons we consume and in turn the ideas and values that are fed with them.

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