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enigmatic remembrances

enigmatic remembrances
new work by petra carroll and rae goodwin

Feb. 17 - Mar., 2012
Gallery Hop and opening artists' reception: Friday, Feb. 17, 5-8 p.m.

Artists Petra Carroll and Rae Goodwin's collaborative and individual works explore remembrances through a variety of media and processes to draw the viewer into a shifting experience of time and memory.
Opening reception for the artists and the Lexington Gallery Hop, Friday, Feb. 17, 5-8 p.m.

Please note the gallery is closed the week of March 12 due to Spring Break. 


Read more about the show on the Lexington Art League's blog. Thanks Art League!

"Once upon a time, memory slipped and slid into a new perception of the ever changing real.


The exploration of memory is the exploration of the unknown.  Each time we walk down “memory lane” our recollections diverge and vary because we view the memory of the past from a different point in time.  Our perception of the past shifts and changes as we shift and change.  Each time we journey or delve into the past our new understanding of reality transforms our understanding of our self. The landscape of self is constantly altered through remembrance. And the landscape of remembrance is constantly changed through the alteration of self.

Remembering is like feeling your way through twilight…it is uncertain. 


The solidity of the object can serve as an anchor or a point of context around which memories, thoughts, feelings are drawn or evoked. Objects can be signposts or breadcrumbs on the misty, darkening trail into the past.  The familiar recognition of someone else’s memory through objects can startle and evoke a shift in your own sensitivity of the remembered. When awareness moves the self is changed and the mystery of the past is confounded once again.

The End...To be continued..."




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