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The Empty Bowls Project 2010

 The art program at Transylvania University invites the community to help feed the hungry by doing some early Christmas shopping for beautiful handmade ceramic bowls at the Morlan Gallery Dec. 6 -8.

The Morlan Gallery opens its doors at noon on Monday, Dec. 6 to sell handmade soup bowls for $10 each; larger bowls will be individually priced.

All proceeds go to the Catholic Action Center, a local charity missioned to help feed Lexington's hungry. Every bowl purchase earns a ticket to a vegetarian bean soup supper served on Wed., Dec. 8, 6-7 .m. in the Rafskellar, located just below the Morlan Gallery.

Cash and checks only please; limited bowl supply. As of Tuesday, we have hundreds of bowls to choose from! Parking available on side streets, such as Upper and Fouth Streets.

Photos of The Empty Bowls Project opening.


Artists in Action.
Three students from Zoe' Strecker's Beginning Ceramics class
glaze some of the bowls that will be for sale at Morlan Gallery's
Empty Bowls Project 2010.

The Empty Bowls Project 2010.
Organic squash bowls are in the bisque stage,
ready for sale on Dec. 6-8, in the Morlan Gallery.





Dan's Bowls. Transylvania University's retired ceramics professor Dan Selter 
initiated Transy's participation in the Empty Bowls Project over 15 year ago. 
He continues to throw bowls for the project. Pictured here are some of his 
bowls drying in the ceramics studio

















For more information contact Andrea Fisher, director of the Morlan Gallery
300 North Broadway Lexington, KY 40508 USA (859) 233-8142

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