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Dropping Stitches: Knitting Trends in Contemporary Art

January 19 –March 4, 2011

featuring Stacey Chinn, Carol Hummel, Barbara Hunt, Ellen Mollé, Mark Newport, Lacey Jane Roberts, & the knitters collective In the Loop


It's just not grandma wielding knitting needles any more, but young hipsters smelling of patchouli, trendy moms lugging toddlers and craft project bags, and patriots knitting hats and socks for our young men and women in Afghanistan and Iraq. There is another constituency working with yarn and two needles: its contemporary artists.

The work represented in Morlan Gallery's current exhibition Dropping Stitches: Knitting Trends in Contemporary Art examines the recent resurgence of knitting by addressing the topics that many in this movement are thinking about: materiality, craftivism, knitting as guerilla art, and knitting as protest model. more>>


Stacey Chinn
Dinner, 2010
Yarn, found object

Carol Hummel
Cozy, 2007
Knitted yarn, metal

Barbara Hunt
Antipersonnel, 2001
Knitted yarn

Ellen Mollé
Season Split, 2011
Knitted jute

Mark Newport
Argyleman, 2007
Knitted yarn

Lacey Jane Roberts
The Master's Tools, 2008
Crank-knit yarn, hand-woven wire,
steele poles

In the Loop Collective
Sea installation, 2010
Various knitted sea











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