Ms. Lisa Contreras

Instructor in Spanish

Ms. Lisa Contreras

“The energy generated by the interaction between the students and the instructor is exhilarating. Every day that I walk out of the classroom after another great class, I'm reminded of our goal here at Transy: that everyone who passes through these doors become a Lifelong Learner. I can happily include myself in that group because, my engagement in this happy profession means that I will never stop learning until the last handful of dirt is cast on my last resting place. So much of that learning has been stimulated by comments and discoveries made by students in my classes. It's been and continues to be a very rewarding partnership in myriad ways.”

M.A., University of Kentucky
B.A., Arizona State University
Spanish Conversation
Spanish Composition and Grammar
Social Justice Themes in Hispanic-American Film
FYS (First Year Seminar)
Chicano Literature 1950s-1980s
19th and 20th century Indigenist Literature of Ecuador and Peru
Dominican "decima" poetry of Juan Antonio Alix
AAUP (Association of University Professors)
Sigma Delta Pi Spanish Honorary

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Faculty Mentor, Transylvania Catholic Organization