Section 4 Course Description

Course Name: The Politics of Food

Section 04
Instructor: Lee Fortner

In the early 21st century, food has become the subject of intense national concern and interest. Critics have increasingly turned their attention to the industrialization of food and the system that supports it. From the health of the plant to our physical health, from the abuse of workers to the abuse of animals, critics claim, the consequences of the industrialization of food are far ranging. On the consumption side are questions about the relationship between food and poor health and disease. On the production side are questions about the relationship between food and abuse of the environment and workers.
This course will examine not only the various concerns critics have raised regarding the industrial food system, but also the solutions and alternatives they propose in response. 
Students will develop an semester-long project--culminating in a term paper--that explores a specific topic in relation to the many issues we cover over the semester.

A study of food will entail fascinating texts that explore topics like food origin, options, preparation, traditions, costs and pleasures.  Genres such as essays, articles, memoirs, recipes, documentaries and at least one book will introduce us to ideas, theories, problems and stories about food.