Section 4 Course Description

Course Name: Food for Thought

Section 04
Instructor: Amy Maupin

The culture and traditions of food and eating, particularly in our own country, range from family potlucks and funeral food to fad diets and popular cooking TV shows.  The study of food and what and why we eat offers a host of timely and meaningful questions:  What are GMO’s?  Why choose vegan?  Do vegetarians live longer?  Are diets effective?  Do the French eat better?  Why do school lunches cause controversy?  Is cooking a science or an art?  How does “Slow Food” resist (and resent) fast food?  Where does food come from?  Is local really better?  If obesity is a national problem, why do we have hungry citizens? Are processed foods making us sick? Do organic foods make us healthier?  Are we called to feed the world? Is growing a garden fashionable and cool or necessary and fundamental?  Why do we eat so fast and share fewer meals with other people?  Is technology interfering with the ritual of eating? 

A study of food will entail fascinating texts that explore topics like food origin, options, preparation, traditions, costs and pleasures.  Genres such as essays, articles, memoirs, recipes, documentaries and at least one book will introduce us to ideas, theories, problems and stories about food.