Section 4 Course Description

Course Name: Where Adventure Meets Science: The Intent, Practice, and Presentation of Exploration

Section 04
Instructor: Chris Begley

In this course students will examine exploration, explorers, and new concepts such as ‘adventure science.’ By examining literature and media that promotes, reports on, and disseminates scientific results, we will examine the ways in which explorers, adventurers, and scientists present themselves and their activities, as well as the popular and scholarly reaction to this. From popular accounts of ‘exotic’ peoples and places found in travel writing of the early 1900s to the rhetoric surrounding specific initiatives such as the space program of the 1960s, students will examine scientific reports, news reports, fictional accounts, television and film as well as other things produced by scientists and adventurers involved in exploration. We examine the relationship between exploration and things like colonialism, ideas about gender and race, world events, and commoditization of knowledge.