Section 3 Course Description

Course Name: Soccer and Society
Section 03
Instructor: Gregg Bocketti

This course examines the world's game from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, including History, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Economics, Psychology, and Philosophy.  It asks fundamental questions about the role that soccer has played in world societies, such as: What makes soccer popular?  How do soccer cultures reflect the values of the people who have created them?  What can soccer tell us about globalization and other forms of international phenomena?  How have fans, players, sports institutions, and government actors used soccer to pursue their individual and collective goals, such as the expression of personal, group, and national identities?  The course will examine common texts aimed at helping students understand scholarly methods for studying soccer and case studies  on various aspects of the game, before guiding students through the process of completing their own research projects on the sport, whether historical or contemporary.