Section 16 Course Description

Course Name: Kentucky Women: "Fallen Leaves and Missing Pages"
Section 16
Instructor: Martha Gehringer

Lamenting its absence from the published histories of Kentucky, historian Margaret Ripley Wolfe described Kentucky’s Women’s History as “fallen leaves and missing pages.”  In the hope of garnering what we can of the previously untold history of Kentucky women, we will engage a rich collection of what Wolfe describes as “stories [that] need telling.”  In this section of FYRS we will read widely from scholarly and literary texts by and about Kentucky women, addressing a range of topics (marriage & family, race & gender, equity & social activism, agrarian & urban life, visual & literary arts, etc.).  Course texts will be selected from Melissa McEuen and Thomas Appleton’s Kentucky Women: Their Lives and Times and from the work of countless accomplished Kentucky women writers.