Section 14 Course Description

Course Name: Hot Topics in Higher Education
Section 14
Instructor: Mike Covert

•Is College Doomed?  The Future of College (The Atlantic, 9/13/2014)

•How the Cost of College Went from Affordable to Sky-High (NPR, 3/18/2014)

•55 Colleges under Title IX probe for handlings of sexual violence and harassment claims (Washington Post, 5/1/2014)

•Wesleyan, Temple Among Colleges Scrapping Admissions Tests (Bloomberg.com, 10/3/2014)

•Big Ten Announces Recommendations to Provide Enhanced Benefits for Student Athletes (BigTen.Org 10/1/2014)

•55 Colleges Sign Up for Campus Mental Health Review (Huffington Post, 10/1/2014)

As recent headlines make clear, the issues and challenges facing higher education have changed dramatically since Transylvania’s founding in 1780.  While Transylvania’s first trustees focused on building a campus in the wilderness and fending off attacks from Native Americans, today’s colleges and universities confront complex and divisive issues on a daily basis.  Students in this section will learn to explore important higher education topics through multiple perspectives on their way to developing an individual research topic.