May Term International Courses

Upcoming travel courses are potentially subject to change based on student interest.

Flag of the United Kingdom Introduction to Fine Arts

Travel Dates: TBA
Instructors: Greg Partain & Tim Soulis
Location: London, England

A survey of basic ideas, guiding principles, and historical and contemporary practices in art, drama, and music. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the creative process, analyzing various works of art, developing critical tools for appreciation, perceiving the relationships among the three art forms, and comprehending fundamental issues in the representation of reality through art. Travel to artistic events will occur as part of the course when available.

Flag of Costa Rica Excursions into Non-Western Music: World Music in Costa Rica

Travel Dates: May 9-16
Instructor: Larry Barnes
Location: Costa Rica

Excursions into Non-Western Music Introduces students to the music of cultures that developed apart from the Euro-centric tradition, including, but not limited to, sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific Rim, Latin and South America, Native America, and the Asian Subcontinent.

Costa Rica is a stable, safe democracy in the heart of a tropical rainforest. Travel with us from the Arenal volcano in the northern rainforest to the Caribbean. Hear live music in clubs, schools, streets and the National Theater. Swim in La Fortuna waterfall and the Caribbean Sea, and take the zipline above the Arenal lake rainforest. A stunning tour for the musician, biologist, and social scientist.

Flag of Belize Tropical Ecology

Travel Dates: May 3-16
Instructor: Sarah Bray and James Wagner
Location: Belize

A May term travel course that explores firsthand a variety of unique habitats found in the tropics such as rain-forests, savannas, and coral reefs.  The course also investigates the structure of tropical soils, nutrient cycling, tropical forest dynamics, tropical species diversity, mutualism and habitat conservation.  Lecture, laboratory and travel.