May Term International Courses

Upcoming Travel Courses for 2019

Upcoming travel courses are potentially subject to change based on student interest.

Flag of Egypt Flag of Jordan Flag of Israel Journey Through the Bible

Travel Dates: TBA
Instructors: Paul Jones & Frank Russell
Location: Egypt, Jordan, and Israel

This course will examine the history, geography, and archaeology of the Biblical world (circa 2750 BCE to 135 CE) by studying and traveling to the land of the Bible (Egypt, Jordan, and Israel).

Flag of The Netherlands Public Policy and the Culture of Health in the Netherlands

Travel Dates: TBA
Instructor: Alan Bartley & Sharon Brown
Location: Netherlands

An interdisciplinary course focused on the public policies and the culture of health within another country, specifically the Netherlands. This course will allow students to study and to experience firsthand a culture of health fundamentally different from that of the United States. We will research and discuss national public policies of the Netherlands dealing with health issues not normally encountered within the Unites States, such as legalized prostitution, marijuana consumption, and euthanasia. We will also study and see firsthand the cultural of health experienced daily by an average Dutch citizen through biking within both urban and rural environments. The purpose of these studies and experiences is to allow students to better understand and critically analyze alternative policies for promoting health.

Flag of Germany Flag of Austria International Accounting and Operations Management

Travel Dates: TBA
Instructor: Christi Hayne & Jeffrey Hopper
Location: Germany and Austria

An examination and comparison of international accounting and business operational similarities and differences highlighted through the Beverage Industry in Kentucky and the southern region of Germany. A focus on domestic versus international production, production costs, logistics, logistics cost management, inventory management, and accounting will be reviewed.  Particular emphasis will be placed cultural influences and their impact on business and accounting methodologies.

Flag of China China’s Capitals: Exploring the Bases of Power through Politics and Art

Travel Dates: TBA
Instructor: Wei Lin & Steve Hess
Location: China

Flag of Italy Galileo: His Words and His Time

Travel Dates: TBA
Instructor: Bob Rosenberg & Jeremy Paden
Location: Italy

This course will focus on how Galileo’s discoveries and writings had a profound effect on philosophy, religion, and society and on initiating the scientific revolution. Students will directly experience the cultural context in which Galileo lived by travel to Venice, Florence, and Rome. GE Area IV

Flag of Peru Ecosystems in Transition: Nature and Culture in Peru

Travel Dates: TBA
Instructor: Becky Fox & Martha Ojeda
Location: Peru

Flag of Spain Culture of Southern Spain: Medieval and Contemporary Convivencia

Travel Dates: TBA
Instructor: David Kaufman & Veronica Dean-Thacker
Location: Spain

This course will explore the rich and complex interaction and cultural exchange between Christians, Jews, and Muslims in Medieval Spain during the so-called ‘Convivencia’. In addition to reading widely in the influential and important literature and philosophy of the period, we will also travel to Southern Spain to visit the most important cities and sites of the period and to study its distinctive architecture and art. The course will also discuss the echoes of this period in contemporary Spain, focusing on contemporary interfaith interactions between the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian communities.