May Term Domestic Courses

Upcoming travel courses are potentially subject to change based on student interest.

United States of America It’s a Small World: Ethnographic Writing

Travel Dates: May 2-10, 2018
Instructors: Avery Tompkins & Kerri Haumann
Location: Orlando, FL

This course asks students to critically engage with the culture of Disney through ethnographic research (i.e., observation, field notes, and analytic memos that enable the researcher to “make the familiar strange”) and through exploration of various forms of social critique (e.g., academic texts, art exhibitions). We will spend five days on campus for pre-travel preparation, including advance readings, lectures, and activities, followed by eight days of collecting observational data at Disney World. The final week and a half of class on campus will provide a concluding period for student research teams to prepare, share, and revise their collaborative ethnographic essay before presenting their work. Area IV (We also plan to seek approval for Area V status). Prerequisites: FYS 1104 prior to May 2018.

United States of America Art and Ecology/Acoustic Ecology

Travel Dates: TBA
Instructors: Zoé Strecker, Tim Polashek
Location: Appalachia

Through Reading, writing and the production of visual and acoustic artwork, this course aims to accomplish three principal objectives:

  1. Facilitate a deeper understanding of biodiversity in southeastern Appalachia and the natural world generally;
  2. introduce and survey some creative practices that are grounded in environmental/ecological issues;
  3. experience an intensive process of making, revising, and displaying and/or performing original works based on course experiences using both digital and more traditional materials and processes in the studio and in the field.