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Transylvania University Graduate Outcomes

The following information is collected annually beginning in April of the graduation year and continuing through the next 12 months to satisfy reporting requirements for the Higher Education Opportunity Act. It is also reported publicly to organizations such as U.S. News & World Report for their annual publications. The information is only accurate for the first year out.

Methodology for Collecting Information

Any exceptions or deviations from the methodology outlined below are noted in each booklet.

  1. Student Exit Surveys—All Transylvania graduates are required to complete a Student Exit Survey requesting information about post-graduation plans.
  2. Emails—Graduates receive two emails soliciting information about their graduate outcomes.
  3. Faculty and Staff Solicitation—In March or April of the year following graduation, faculty and staff receive a "draft" booklet and are asked to fill in missing or outdated information.
  4. Social Media—Graduates are contacted through Facebook and LinkedIn and asked to supply missing information.
  5. Phone Calls—Phone calls are made to the graduate's last known number.


If you have questions about the information in the booklets, please contact Michael Cronk in the Career Development Center at Transylvania University.

For more information about Transylvania's graduate outcomes, contact the Alumni Office.

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