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Academic Learning Work Agreement

The Academic Learning Work Agreement is for those students participating in an Academic Internship who have already registered their internship. If you have not registered your internship, please visit the Academic Internship page and follow the instructions.

The Academic Learning Work Agreement is a contract involving you—the student, your professor, your site supervisor, and Career Development. This contract (serving as your course syllabus) outlines all the expectations and requirements for you to receive credit for your internship experience.

Before completing the form, you should meet with your professor to discuss the following:
  1. The number of hours needed on-site to receive credit (between 120–140 over the term for 1 unit)
  2. Learning outcomes for the experience
  3. The academic requirements (e.g., paper, journal, presentation, etc.)
  4. Any meetings during the course of the term between you and the professor to discuss your progress
You should also discuss the following with your site supervisor:
  1. The job duties of the internship
  2. Any special training or orientation that will be required
  3. The signing of any documents, such as confidentiality statements or the undertaking of any health or drug tests.

Please email Jill Warfield, jwarfield@transy.edu to request an Academic Learning Work Agreement form.

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