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Student Life

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Campus Living Experience

Transylvania University is not a suitcase campus. We pride ourselves on having a vibrant, engaged campus community. With approximately 75 percent of our students living on campus, it’s easy to make friends– some that will help you study, and some that will last a lifetime.

Thomson hall

Campus living highlights

Bike parking
Bring your bike to campus! Biking is a great way to get around and can keep you fit, save a little cash, and help the environment. Bike shelters are located near the residence halls and racks are scattered across campus.

Washing machines and dryers are located in residence halls on most floors. Drop in quarters or just use your Crimson Card to make payments.

Study space
The library is open until midnight most evenings during the academic year, and even later during finals. Several computer labs are also available — some located right in your residence hall, along with common study rooms.

Your residence hall

Your Transylvania education goes beyond the classroom. While we have a long tradition of academic excellence, there’s another tradition we’re just as proud of: a great campus living experience.

No matter which residence hall you call home, you’ll have the help of your resident advisor (RA), an upperclass student staff member. RAs undergo two weeks of training on all aspects of residence life, including community development, first aid, educational and social programming development, and emergency response. The RAs also receive support from four Area Coordinators, upperclass undergraduate and graduate students with previous experience as an RA who reside on campus.

Life at Transylvania

Your residence hall room serves as an office, bedroom, and living room, but there are other “living rooms” all over campus. From Jazzman’s Café or the 1780 Café featuring Sandella’s to sand volleyball in Back Circle, you’ll find plenty of spaces you can turn into your own personal social spot. Social life isn’t limited to the Campus Center.


The Office of Residence Life handles more than just residence halls, too. Throughout the year you’ll find activities such as outdoor concerts and picnics in Back Circle, Transy Night Out trips to the historic Kentucky Theatre or a Lexington Legends baseball game, or day trips to hike, kayak, or rock climb at the famous Red River Gorge. There’s almost always something fun going on. After all, there’s more to college than studying, right?

There's more to college than studying

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